Kathryn Howard

I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a credentialed school counselor specializing in Child Welfare and Attendance.  I have been providing support services to children, adolescents and their families for over 20 years.
My experience working  has a wide range of experience in schools, from Assistant Principal of Student Services, to the Program Director at West Valley Special Education Center. At the Center, I implemented a variety of successful, first-ever initiatives for a population of children with developmental and physical disabilities ages six to twenty-one. As an advocate for mental health in schools, I was the co-founder of a School Based Family Therapy program reaching families who do not have access to mental health in the North East San Fernando Valley and Los Angeles.   With student collaboration, created a support program for LGBTQA students at local high schools. In addition, I enjoy teaching new generations of therapist and school counselor as the Department Chair at Phillips Graduate University. 

 In private practice, working with individuals, couples and families dealing with life challenges is an area of focus.  In stressful times, many people seek therapy for a variety of reasons.  Anxiety, depression and relational problems can affect a persons overall functioning and ability to enjoy even the simple things in life.  Working with a therapist can help recognize and understand triggers that may be affecting your mental health.  I believe in a collaboration during the therapeutic process. Therapy can be challenging and having a trusting therapeutic alliance is important for all involved.

Working with Seniors is a passion for me.  Over the years, I  have provided specialized therapy in rehabilitation and nursing homes and continues to be a support for the Elder community by volunteering.